• Songbook Videos
    0 seasons

    Songbook Videos

    0 seasons

  • LEARN (NEW): Tutorials & FAQs

    1 season

    Find news, FAQs and teaching tips inside this collection of videos for parents & teachers using Prodigies.

  • Playtime Prodigies (Ages 1+)

    1 season

    Designed for our youngest users, Playtime Prodigies is intended for kids ages 1-3. These videos are meant to be either silly sing alongs, or very easy and slow meaningful exposure to pitch.

  • Preschool Prodigies (Ages 3+)

    10 seasons

    Preschool Prodigies is our first complete series. In these 8 chapters, we introduce reading music on a truncated staff, with colorful sheet music. The goal of these lessons is to give students meaningful exposure to pitch, practice call and response, learn chords & develop their sense of rhythm.

  • Performance Prodigies (Ages 4+)

    9 seasons

    A perfect expansion for the songs inside of Preschool & Primary Prodigies, Performance Prodigies is a collection of Orff styled sheet music to get multiple instruments and parts happening at once.

  • PSP Melodies (Ages 4+)

    2 seasons

    PsP Melodies is our sight-singing and hand-signing course! No instrument is required for this series, so anyone can jump right in.

    If you'd like printable activities to go with these videos, visit the Prodigies Playground.

  • Primary Prodigies (Ages 6+)

    2 seasons

    Designed for elementary school students, Primary Prodigies is a more advanced series that focuses on the treble clef, reading proper sheet music, intervals, chords, transitioning to black and white music, and lots of musical vocabulary.

  • Holiday Prodigies (Ages 6+)

    3 seasons

    Play and sing all of the Holiday classics with one our most popular series, Holiday Prodigies!

    Order the companion Holiday Prodigies Songbook at or on Amazon Prime.

  • Ukulele Prodigies

    1 season

    Discover Hawaii’s favorite string instrument with a series of step-by-step lessons for Ukulele beginners

  • Recorder Prodigies (Ages 8+)

    5 seasons

    It's every elementary school's favorite instrument, the recorder!!! In this medieval themed series, Mr. Rob takes playing the recorder from the basics like breath techniques and note fingers to more complicated concepts like reading black and white music. Journey through levels "squire", "knight"...