Watch this video and more on Prodigies

Watch this video and more on Prodigies

Beethoven's 5th (Playtime -- Easy)

Primer Playlist • 3m 47s

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    In this Preschool Prodigies music lesson, we review the hand-signs for all of the musical notes! We also talk briefly about the feeling that each note has (steady, rising, bright, etc).

    In the "Solfege Hand-Sign Review" we review that…

    -Each of the 7 notes has it’s own hand-sign and they re...

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    Curwen & Orff inspired lessons that focus on singing and the Solfege hand-signs.

    These videos offer an easy, instrument-free way to give your child to meaningful play with pitch.

    Be sure to download the PsP Melodies activities that go along with each video inside the Prodigies Playgro...