Watch this video and more on Prodigies

Watch this video and more on Prodigies

Introduction to Intervals (Lesson Part II -- Primary 2.1.2)


Up Next in Chapter 2

  • Intervals in C Major (Song -- Primary...

    In this video, Mr. Rob sings, signs & plays with the intervals from the 2.1.2 lesson.

  • Intervals in C Major (Performance -- ...

    Can you play the interval song from 2.1.3 without Mr. Rob to guide you?

    In this Prodigies video, students play song 2.1.3 using the intervals learned in the lesson 2.1.2. This time, students sing, sign and play the song without Mr. Rob modeling.

    This track is great for a performance or asse...

  • Seconds (Lesson Part I -- Primary 2.2.1)

    In this Prodigies music lesson, Mr. Rob discuss the interval of a second--the distance between C & D, D & E, E & F, etc.

    Mr. Rob prepares students to play "Happy Birthday" in this lesson's song video. Mr. Rob uses the A#/Bb, so if you have the sharps & flats bell extension, get...