Watch this video and more on Prodigies

Watch this video and more on Prodigies

Happy Birthday (Lesson Part III -- Primary 2.2.3)

5m 11s

Up Next in Chapter 2

  • Happy Birthday (Song -- Primary 2.2.4)

    In this Prodigies video, students sing, sign and play along with "Happy Birthday" in 3/4 time. If you're not familiar with counting in 3/4, watch Primary 2.2.3 for a quick introduction.

    This song requires the Bb bell. If you don't have the Chromatic extension for your bells, play the F instead.

  • Happy Birthday (Analysis -- Primary 2...

    In this Prodigies Music Lesson, Mr. Rob applies what we've learned in our Primary 2.2.1 lesson to our 2.2.4 song "Happy Birthday".

    Mr. Rob reviews, major seconds, arpeggios, 3/4 time, pick up notes, & the key of F major.

  • Happy Birthday (Performance -- Primar...

    In this episode, students play along with the scrolling sheet music for "Happy Birthday" without Mr. Rob to guide them!

    This video is great for performances & assessments without the guidance and instruction of the other videos.