Watch this video and more on Prodigies

Watch this video and more on Prodigies

Primary Prodigies Introduction (Primary 1.I)

7m 4s

Up Next in Chapter 1

  • Program Format Explained (Lesson -- P...

    In this lesson, Mr. Rob introduces the format for Primary Prodigies & important concepts in the series.

    Please find corresponding introductory workbook pages available in the Prodigies Playground.

  • Hello Bells (Song -- Primary 1.1.2)

    Sing along with Mr. Rob as he introduces the 8 notes of our C Major scale. Mr. Rob reviews note lengths, scale degrees & even various ways to say Hello in other languages.

    Before watching this video, be sure to watch it's companion lesson Primary 1.1.1!

  • Hand Sign and Scale Degree Review (Le...

    In this lesson, Mr. Rob reviews Solfege hand-signs and scale degrees.

    Hand-signs and scale degrees are an important part of the Primary Prodigies curriculum, so be sure that you fully understand these concepts before moving on to the song portion of this section.

    Please find corresponding w...