Watch this video and more on Prodigies

Watch this video and more on Prodigies

I IV V Chord Review (Song -- Primary 1.7.2)


Up Next in Chapter 1

  • What Chord Is It? (I, IV, V Listening...

    In this Prodigies Music lesson, students test their knowledge of chords.

    Students listen to each chord being played, and then have to guess whether it is the I chord, the IV chord or the V chord).

  • Step or Skip (Lesson -- Primary 1.8.1)

    In this Prodigies Music Lesson, students test their ears to see if they can differentiate between a musical step and musical skip.

    After each time Mr. Rob plays a pair of notes, students should guess whether it is a skip or a step.

    This video offers lots of musical skip and step practice, b...

  • Lightly Row (Song -- Primary 1.8.2)

    In this video, sing, sign and play along with "Lightly Row".

    This song is made up of musical steps and skips, and is perfect for reinforcing the relationships between notes in the C Major Scale.