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Whole, Half, Quarters and Eighths (Lesson -- Primary 1.3.1)

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Simple Song Review (Song -- Primary 1.2.2)

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  • Whole, Half, Quarters and Eighths (Le...

    In this Primary Prodigies music lesson, Mr. Rob reviews Rhythmic values.

    Mr. Rob reviews important concepts like the measure, time, whole notes, quarter notes, eighth notes & counting beats.

    Please find corresponding workbook pages available in the Prodigies Playground.

  • Sweet Beets Review (Song -- Primary 1...

    In Primary Prodigies, we've got Sweet Beets, too!!

    In this rendition of Sweet Beets, we add a whole note represented by "watermelon". Practice rolling as you tap the whole note. This indicates that even though watermelon is 4 syllables, it represents just one long note.

    Please find correspo...

  • Musical Steps (Lesson -- Primary 1.4.1)

    In this Prodigies music lesson, Mr. Rob introduces the concept of musical steps.

    When a melody only goes up or down one note away, that's called a musical step!

    Students will learn and practice determining the notes in various combinations of musical steps. This is an important musical skil...