Preschool Prodigies (Ages 3+)

Preschool Prodigies (Ages 3+)

10 Seasons

Preschool Prodigies is our first complete series. In these 8 chapters, we introduce reading music on a truncated staff, with colorful sheet music. The goal of these lessons is to give students meaningful exposure to pitch, practice call and response, learn chords & develop their sense of rhythm.

If you're interested in workbooks for each chapter, you can find them available inside the Prodigies Playground.

Preschool Prodigies (Ages 3+)
  • F Chord Slide (IV Chord) (Preschool 7.1)

    Episode 1

    In this episode we learn about the F Major Chord. This is the third Major Chord we’ve learned so far. If you recall from Chapter 1, we learn that the C Major Chord (Do Mi Sol) on a three-colored slide. In this episode, we learn the C Major chord in a similar fashion.

    In the “Fa La Do Slide” we...

  • G Chord Slide (V Chord) (Preschool 7.2)

    Episode 2

    In this lesson we we review the G Major Chord with another chord slide episode. You may recall from Chapter 3 that the G Chord has the three notes, Sol Ti Re.

    In the “Sol Ti Re Slide” we…

    -Sing and play with the teal, pink and orange bell
    -Review that the G Major Chord has three notes, G B...

  • The Tokens - In the Jungle (The Lion Sleeps Tonight) (Preschool 7.3)

    Episode 3

    In this episode we practice a popular chord progression by playing “The Lion Sleeps Tonight.” Instead of trying to play each note in all three chords, we simplify it by just playing the ROOT NOTE, or base note, of each chord.

    In the “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” we…

    -Play the note C to accompan...

  • Blues in C Major (Preschool 7.4)

    Episode 4

    In this episode we play our first ever “Blues.” The Blues is a style of music that relies heavy on the chords I, IV and V.

    In “Blues in C Major” we…

    -Play a C Major, F Major and G Major chord in a classic pattern known as the Blues.
    -Play the blues with our hand-signs and with the bells

  • Chord Watching III - C and F Major (Preschool 7.5)

    Episode 5

    We got a lot of practice with chords this chapter, and now we’re putting that to the test a bit with a chord listening game that features the C Major Chord and F Major Chord.

    In “Chord Listening III” we…

    -Practice identifying chords C Major and F Major just by their sound.
    -Hand-sign along...

  • Sweet Beets #6 -- Beet, Cherry, Avocado, Shh (Preschool 7.R)

    Episode 6

    This is one of our original Sweet Beets rhythm lessons!

    While we've already introduced the "avocado" sixteenth note, we haven't added the challenge of the playing a rest in our rhythm practice.

    Mr. Rob uses a conga in this episode, but you can use any kind of drum! If you don't have a drum,...

  • Chord Watching 4 - I IV V Chords (Preschool 7.6)

    Episode 7

    In this Preschool Prodigies, we play another chord listening game, this time with all three major chords.

    In “Chord Listening IV” we…

    -Practice identifying chords C Major, F Major and G Major just by their sound.
    -Hand-sign with the chords as we discovered what they are!

    Chord Listening...

  • What Note Is It - F A c (Preschool 7.L)

    Episode 8

    After practicing with Fa, La and do through the chapter, can you tell the difference between F, A & high c?

  • What Chord Is It? (Preschool 7.L.2)

    Episode 9

    This is your final opportunity to practice identifying chords for a little while, as the next chapter will focus more on playing melodies. It is worth spending some extra time inside this chapter playing all of the listening games (inside the Journey > Chapter 7) to make sure that your kids can i...