Preschool Prodigies (Ages 3+)

Preschool Prodigies (Ages 3+)

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Preschool Prodigies is our first complete series. In these 8 chapters, we introduce reading music on a truncated staff, with colorful sheet music. The goal of these lessons is to give students meaningful exposure to pitch, practice call and response, learn chords & develop their sense of rhythm.

If you're interested in workbooks for each chapter, you can find them available inside the Prodigies Playground.

Preschool Prodigies (Ages 3+)
  • Do Re Mi Intro (Preschool 4.1)

    Episode 1

    In this Preschool Prodigies music lesson, Mr. Rob focuses on the first three notes in our C Major scale: Do, Re, Mi.

    In Do Re, Mi, Warm-Up we learn that…

    -C is Red and the 1st note in our scale
    -Re is orange and the 2nd note in our scale
    -Mi is Yellow and is the 3rd note in the scale

  • Mary Had a Little Lamb (Preschool 4.2)

    Episode 2

    In this Preschool Prodigies music lesson, we learn our very first popular melody, “Mary Had a Little Lamb.”

    In "Mary Had a Little Lamb" we…
    -Play an easy melody first by using the colors, and then with Do, Re, and Mi
    -Play a song starting on Mi (as opposed to Do)
    -Review the Solfege hand-si...

  • Merrily We Roll Along (Preschool 4.4)

    Episode 3

    In this Preschool Prodigies music lesson, we focused solely on the hand signs for Do, Re and Mi in Merrily We Roll Along.

    In "Merrily We Roll Along" we...

    -Focus on the hand-signs for Do Re Mi
    -Learn that the Do hand sign is two fists at your waist
    -Learn that the Re is two hands out like...

  • Hot Cross Buns (Preschool 4.3)

    Episode 4

    In this Preschool Prodigies music lesson, we played another 3 note classic, Hot Cross Buns.

    In "Hot Cross Buns" we…

    -Play another classic 3 note melody
    -Play the song with colors, numbers and Solfege
    -Read and sing the lyrics

    Hot Cross Buns Follow Up Activities: Do Re Mi Scramble

  • Sweet Beets #4 -- Pineapple Triplets (Preschool 4.R)

    Episode 5

    In this episode, we play round four of the original rhythm tune Sweet Beats with Mr. Rob. Rhythm lessons help supplement our note learning so this is a great song to repeat to really improve your rhythm reading!

    In Sweet Beets IV, we …

    -Play simple 4 note patterns in a call and response fas...

  • Sally the Camel (Preschool 4.5)

    Episode 6

    In this Preschool Prodigies music lesson, we play a slightly more difficult Do-Re-Mi Melody in “Sally the Camel.”

    In Sally The Camel we …

    -Use the hand signs to sing and sign the song in Solfege
    -Learn a little bit more about the sound of the notes (strong, rising, restful)
    -Play our inst...

  • London Bridge (Preschool 4.6)

    Episode 7

    In this Preschool Prodigies music lesson, we play simplified versions of the C Major and G Major Chord in “London Bridge is Falling Down.” We also sing the melody to the song while playing the chords!

    In London Bridge we….

    -Learn that a simplified C Chord is C/1 and G/5
    -Learn that a simpl...

  • What Note Is It - C D E (Preschool 4.L)

    Episode 8