Preschool Prodigies (Ages 3+)

Preschool Prodigies (Ages 3+)

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Preschool Prodigies is our first complete series. In these 8 chapters, we introduce reading music on a truncated staff, with colorful sheet music. The goal of these lessons is to give students meaningful exposure to pitch, practice call and response, learn chords & develop their sense of rhythm.

If you're interested in workbooks for each chapter, you can find them available inside the Prodigies Playground.

Preschool Prodigies (Ages 3+)
  • Low C and High C (Preschool 2.1)

    Episode 1

    In this Preschool Prodigies music lesson, we focus on the difference between Low C and High c. It can be a little confusing that they are two different notes with the same color and name. In music, the distance between a note and the same note up or down the scale is 8 notes away so is called an ...

  • Left C, Right c (Preschool 2.2)

    Episode 2

    In this Preschool Prodigies music lesson, we focus on playing the Low C Bell (C/1) with our Left Hand, and the High c Bell (c/8) with our right hand.

    In Left C, Right c, we learned that…

    - Low C and High c are different notes, but both are Red and called C, or Do
    - Playing one with Low C w...

  • Listening C vs c (Preschool 2.3)

    Episode 3

    In this video, students listen for the difference between low C and high c.

    What's Next?
    Students will continue their rhythm practice with Sweet Beets #2--Beet & Cherry!

  • Sweet Beets #2 -- Beet & Cherry (Preschool 2.R)

    Episode 4

    In this episode, we play round two of the original rhythm tune Sweet Beats with Mr. Rob. Rhythm lessons help supplement our note learning so this is a great song to repeat to really improve your rhythm reading!

    In Sweet Beets II, we …

    -Play simple 4 note patterns in a call and response fash...

  • C Sock Slide (Preschool 2.4)

    Episode 5

    In this lesson, we play the different C Bells with our feet! This is a refreshing and easy way to reinforce both left and right AND low and high.

    In C Sock Slide, we…

    - Learn that there’s more than one way to play an instrument
    - Get some final practice comparing only the two C bells


  • C Chord Slide (Preschool 2.5)

    Episode 6

    In this Preschool Prodigies music lesson, we practice singing and playing patterns long and short sounds with the C bell. In music, some sounds are held longer than others, which is the basis of rhythm. We won’t be doing too much with proper rhythms until Chapter 9. In the meantime, we’ll be rely...

  • Pipes in C Major (Preschool 2.6)

    Episode 7

    In this Preschool Prodigies music lesson, we play all 8 bells! We learned the C Major scale, and we sang about each bell in several different ways!

    In Pipes in C Major, we learn that…

    - All the notes in a C MAJOR Scale have many names!
    - The Lettter Names: C, D, E, F, G, A, B, & c
    - The N...

  • What Note Is It - Low C and High C (Preschool 2.L)

    Episode 8