Preschool Prodigies (Ages 3+)

Preschool Prodigies (Ages 3+)

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Preschool Prodigies is our first complete series. In these 8 chapters, we introduce reading music on a truncated staff, with colorful sheet music. The goal of these lessons is to give students meaningful exposure to pitch, practice call and response, learn chords & develop their sense of rhythm.

If you're interested in workbooks for each chapter, you can find them available inside the Prodigies Playground.

Preschool Prodigies (Ages 3+)
  • Hello Bells (Theme Song)

    Episode 1

  • Hello C (Preschool 1.1)

    Episode 2

    In our first Preschool Prodigies music lesson, we meet the host Mr. Rob, and we practice singing, hand-signing and playing the red bell with “Hello C.”

    In “Hello C,” we …

    -Meet the host of Preschool Prodigies, Mr. Rob
    -Meet the the first musical note is C
    -Learn that the C Bell is red

  • Short and Long Stars (Preschool 1.2)

    Episode 3

    In music, some sounds are held longer than others, which is the basis of rhythm. In the meantime, we’ll be relying on easy-to-follow graphics, simple rhythms and lots of repetition.

    In Short and Long Stars, we …

    - Learn that some sounds are long and some sounds are short
    - Play short and l...

  • C & Shh (Preschool 1.3)

    Episode 4

    A rest is an absence of musical sound, or simply put, “Shh.”

    Having children “play the rest” is a really great way to keep on practicing their sense of the beat.

    In "C & Shh", we...

    -Learn that a silent beat is called a rest
    -Learn that music is made up of musical notes & rests

  • Sweet Beets #1 -- Beet & Shh (Preschool 1.R)

    Episode 5

    In this Preschool Prodigies episode, we have our first rhythm lessons with Sweet Beets. We practice playing rhythms with ‘Beet’ and ‘Shh,’ in a similar fashion to the way we played ‘C’ and ‘Shh’ in 1.3. Sweet Beets is a catchy song for teaching rhythm, and a great way to get some instrument free ...

  • Do Mi Sol Slide (Preschool 1.4)

    Episode 6

    In this Preschool Prodigies music lesson, we add the notes E and G to our practice with the note C. We learn that these three notes make up a chord, and we practice playing these bells together in different patterns.

    In “Do Mi Sol Slide,” we...

    - Learn that a chord is a group of 3 musical n...

  • Chord Watching 1 (Preschool 1.5)

    Episode 7

    In Chord Watching 1, we practice a chord listening exercise with the C Major chord. As this is our first chord listening exercise, students only have to identify whether they hear a group of musical notes (the C Major chord) or the sound of thunder and lightning (which is a non-musical sound).


  • Solfege Slide in C Major (Preschool 1.6)

    Episode 8

    Meet the full C Major Scale as Do introduces us to Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La Ti & High Do!
    In Solfege Slide, we…

    - Learn that each note has a Solfege name
    - Meet the full C Major scale in comparison with Do
    - Sing back and forth between Do and the other Solfege notes (Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Ti) ...

  • What Note Is It #1 - C E G (Preschool 1.L)

    Episode 9