Watch this video and more on Prodigies

Watch this video and more on Prodigies

Extra Practice 5 (G & B)

Chapter 7: Major Chords • 5m 20s

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  • Do Mi Sol Fa Mi Re Do (PsP Melodies #9)

    Curwen & Orff inspired lessons that focus on singing and the Solfege hand-signs.

    These videos offer an easy, instrument-free way to give your child to meaningful play with pitch.

    Be sure to download the PsP Melodies activities that go along with each video inside the Prodigies Playground,...

  • The Tokens - In the Jungle (The Lion ...

    In this episode we practice a popular chord progression by playing “The Lion Sleeps Tonight.” Instead of trying to play each note in all three chords, we simplify it by just playing the ROOT NOTE, or base note, of each chord.

    In the “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” we…

    -Play the note C to accompan...