Watch this video and more on Prodigies

Watch this video and more on Prodigies

Lucy Locket -- Mi Sol La -- Performance Prodigies

Chapter 5: Mi Sol La • 1m 26s

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  • Sol La Sol Fa Mi Re Do (PsP Melodies #8)

    Curwen & Orff inspired lessons that focus on singing and the Solfege hand-signs.

    These videos offer an easy, instrument-free way to give your child to meaningful play with pitch.

    Be sure to download the PsP Melodies activities that go along with each video inside the Prodigies Playground,...

  • Acka Backa (Preschool 5.5)

    In this Preschool Prodigies music lesson, we continue our work with Mi, Sol, and La by playing a silly old tune called Acka Backa.

    In "Acka Backa" we …

    -Sing a slightly faster paced melody with the Solfege
    -Play our bells while singing about the numbers two times through